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Yoga For
Pelvic Health!

You are not alone.
I see you!

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Braley San Miguel, Mama of 2

I have been taking Gabby’s pelvic floor yoga class for 10 months now and I can’t believe how much knowledge I’ve gained and how much stronger my pelvic floor is! I started taking the classes while pregnant with my 2nd child, and now I’m postpartum and restrengthening my pelvic floor after delivery. I wish I had known about Gabby’s classes with my first child! My postpartum recovery has been so much faster and smoother because of the work I’ve done with Gabby. She explains the breath and body connection so clearly and her classes are so relaxing and meditative.

I’ve now started taking her Mommy and Me classes and I wish I could go every week! It’s so fun and perfect for postpartum Mamas.

I tell everyone about Gabbys classes! I couldn’t recommend them more! She’s amazing at what she does!


Valérie Welsh, Mama of 3

Tellement contente d'avoir contacté Gabrielle pour ma récupération post-partum. J'avais des petits (et plus gros) problèmes qui persistaient depuis mon accouchement et Gabrielle a pris le temps de m'écouter et de mettre en place un plan adapté afin de voir des résultats.

Une belle maman plein d'énergie et super motivante. Quel beau cadeau de prendre soin de nous et d'être bien accompagné dans ce processus. Je recommande à toutes les futures mamans et nouvelles mamans de s'offrir cet accompagnement!

Amanda Berry.jpg

Amanda Berry, Mama of 3

If you are at any point in your pregnancy journey: wanting to conceive, prenatal, or post-partum, you need to schedule one-on-one's with Gabby! With my second child, I had an emergency c- section. My goal with my third was a successful vbac (vaginal birth after c-section).

I had reached out to a handful of yoga studios looking for prenatal yoga classes to increase my chances of successful vbac and to help overall aches and health during my pregnancy. Gabby came across my request and called me personally to set up some one-on-one sessions with her.

Gabby listened to my goals for my third trimester and laid out a personalized plan to help me achieve my goals! She is super knowledgeable and so supportive and caring! Each week she listened to how I was feeling and worked with how my body was handling pregnancy each week. Our sessions were always so calming and so informative, I was able to easily do the poses at home in between our sessions. Gabby is definitely a huge part of my successful vbac with baby #3! I am so glad I was able to work with her through my third trimester and I look forward to working with her again for postpartum pelvic floor recovery and strengthening.

Reach out to Gabby and explain your goals, she will 100% help you reach them!


Karine Gomez, Mama of 1

Gabrielle est d'une générosité débordante et dotée d'une énergie positive qu'elle transmet à ceux et celles qui l'entourent. Elle mène sa vie de famille, professionnelle et de femme avec brio. C'est une passionnée qui s'investit complètement dans tout ce qu'elle entreprend. Maintenant certifiée en réhabilitation périnénal, elle apporte une aide indispensable à toutes les mamans sur un sujet encore trop méconnu.

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